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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) offers courses to students in both middle and high school and provides students with the academic and technical skills as well as knowledge and training that is necessary to succeed in future careers and become lifelong learners.

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  • Daniel Rosewag, Coordinator, Career and Technical Education – 410-313-6797
  • Natalie Belcher, Instructional Facilitator, Career Academies and Family and Consumer Science – 410-313-6636
  • Tonia Ziegler, Instructional Facilitator, Engineering and Technical Education – 410-313-6777
  • Colleen Cotton, Instructional Facilitator, Business and Computer Management Systems, 410-313-8136
  • Amanda Malone, Resource Teacher, Work-Based Learning – 410-313-6627
  • Stephanie Discepolo, Resource Teacher, Apprenticeship Maryland – 410-313-7493
  • Stephanie Bateman, Technical Assistant, Career and Technical Education – 410-313-6629