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Apprenticeship Maryland

Interested in a STEM-related career? Do you want to "earn while you learn"?

Apprenticeship Maryland is a graduation pathway for seniors, who are interested in employment and further education based on a career pathway in manufacturing, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) industries.

Occupations and paperwork are separated into the following categories:

Students interview with Maryland Department of Labor (DOL) approved employers for an opportunity to participate in a paid supervised, structured, on-the-job training program.

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How do I apply?

If you are interested in participating in Apprenticeship Maryland, please complete the application and return to school counselor

Benefits of the Program

Students will:

  • Enter the workforce while still in high school
  • Earn a salary
  • Gain marketable industry skills
  • Be assigned a highly skilled mentor
  • Receive a State Skill Certificate from the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation DLLR

Successful Academy Students:

Students must:

  • Work a minimum of 450 hours (20 + hours a week)
  • Complete one year of related classroom instruction
  • Complete the program prior to graduation from high school
  • Adhere to the employer’s policies/procedures
  • Establish communication procedures with the Apprenticeship Maryland coordinator for monitoring progress
  • Provide own transportation to work-site

Below is a suggested high school course schedule for students interested in Apprenticeship Maryland
Grade Level Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5 Course 6 Course 7
Ninth Grade English required Mathematics required Science required Social Studies required Fitness & Health required Technology Education required Fine Arts available
Tenth Grade English required Mathematics required Science required Social Studies required Fine Arts Elective available Elective available
Eleventh Grade English required Mathematics required Chemistry Social Studies required Elective available Elective available Elective available
Twelfth Grade English required Mathematics required Science Elective available Apprenticeship I Industry Instruction (1 credit) Apprenticeship II Work-Based Learning (3 credits)

For Students - Frequently Asked Questions

Are there deadlines for completing the student application

No, student applications will be accepted throughout the year and will be considered for placement based on employer availability. However, it is recommended that students complete the application during the course registration process. If the student is not selected for a position, they may interview with other eligible employers.

Is the program only for students who want to go directly in the workforce?

Apprenticeship Maryland is targeted at STEM fields and allows students to “earn while they learn”. The program is intended for students who may want to remain in the Howard County area and continue working within the industry.

Do students need a work permit?

Yes, the placements follow all Maryland Department of Labor requirements.

Are the hour requirements flexible?

Apprenticeship Maryland requires the student to complete 450 hours before graduation to earn the Maryland Department of Labor State Skill Certificate.

How do the hours fit into the school day?

It is individualized for each student depending upon work schedules. Students may begin their day at work and take required classes in the afternoon or evening (i.e. English and Math). The 450 hours is a minimum requirement as well as year-long related coursework.

What jobs are available?

Employers are approved by the Maryland Department of Labor and will be posted on the Apprenticeship Maryland Career Academies website.

Where can I find more information?

For Businesses - Frequently Asked Questions about the Apprenticeship Maryland Program

What is Apprenticeship Maryland?

Apprenticeship Maryland is a new State program that gives your business the unique opportunity to train, influence and shape high school students into top-performing employees who are invested in your business.

Why should our business participate in Apprenticeship Maryland?

Participating in Apprenticeship Maryland is an investment in your business. You receive help in recruiting competent students who will develop into highly skilled workers. Retention of students reduces turnover, decreasing costs. The Program benefits students, employers and the state economy by addressing the lack of on-the-job experiences and providing gainful employment.

How can my business become involved with Apprenticeship Maryland?

Businesses need to complete the Eligible Employer Application which is reviewed and approved by the Maryland Apprenticeship Training Council (MATC). Once a business is approved, the Apprenticeship Maryland coordinator will identify interested students and connect them with the employer. The employer will work with the Apprenticeship Maryland coordinator to schedule and conduct interviews with candidates. Employers make selection of candidates based on their hiring criteria. Once an offer of employment is made, the Apprenticeship Maryland Training Agreement is signed with all parties.

Businesses must agree to the following:

  • Commit to employing and training a student apprentice for at least 450 hours within a specified period.
  • Provide a qualified mentor to work with the student apprentice throughout the program.
  • Sign the Apprenticeship Maryland Training Agreement.
  • Pay the student apprentice per the minimum wage laws and exemptions.
  • Determine the hours that the student apprentice will work and follow all applicable child labor laws.
  • Conduct periodic and regular performance evaluations of the student apprentice.
  • Provide safety instruction and a safe work environment.
  • Anticipate future entry-level job openings.

Where can I find more information?

Businesses interested in participating should complete the Eligible Employer application