For Parents

Advocate for Your Child

Formal Concern Process

When concerns arise, parents and guardians are encouraged to direct their concerns to the persons most closely involved. However, when an informal process fails to provide resolution, a parent may file a formal complaint and seek review at a higher administrative level.

Report Bullying

HCPSS has taken a strong stand against bullying with a goal to eradicate bullying. No act of bullying in Howard County schools will be ignored.

School Safety & Security

Our commitment is to do everything we can to ensure that our children and staff are provided a safe, healthy, and supportive environment. We constantly encourage community members, students and staff to report suspicious activity or any concerns to school administrators and/or teachers as soon as possible.

Report Child Abuse

Ensuring the safety of Maryland’s children is an obligation shared by all citizens and organizations. All Maryland citizens should report suspected abuse or neglect to the local department of social services or to a local law enforcement agency.

Special Education

We support the rights of all students to receive a free appropriate public education that will enable them to develop their unique talents and abilities, thus preparing them to participate in and serve their community with dignity and pride.

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Additional Supports

Section 504

Section 504 is a federal law that protects the civil rights of persons with disabilities. The Howard County Public Schools (HCPSS) is committed to ensuring that no qualified student with a disability will be discriminated or retaliated against and/or denied an educational benefit or opportunity on the basis of a disability.

Eligibility for Special Education

Children with disabilities from birth to age 21 may be eligible for special education. The process of determining eligibility for special education varies depending on the age of the child. Information on this process is distinct for different age groups.

Mental Health

HCPSS promotes the mental health and wellness of each of our students to develop their unique strengths, abilities, and characteristics towards success and well-being.

Visiting Your Child’s School

The Howard County Public School System welcomes visitors to our schools. To limit interruptions and distractions to teaching and learning and to maximize safety for all, persons who wish to visit a school campus, building or classroom are asked to comply with our safety and security procedures.

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