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Agricultural Science

Do you have a green thumb? Do you like working with plants and animals? Do you enjoy working outside?

The Agriculture and Natural Resources Academy offers exciting “hands-on” activities, projects, and problems. Student experiences will involve the science of agriculture, plants, animals, biotechnology natural resources, and agricultural mechanics. While surveying the opportunities available in agriculture and natural resources, students will learn to solve problems, conduct research, analyze data, work in teams, and take responsibility for their work, actions, and learning. Additionally students will learn the principles of plant science through topics such as the mechanisms and interactions of plant systems, soil and soilless systems to propagate and produce plant materials, classifying plants using scientific naming, anatomy and physiology of plants, growing environments and pests and diseases.


Students seeking a four-year postsecondary institution are advised to enroll in Advanced Placement Biology, Chemistry and advanced mathematics electives.


  • None


There are no formal certification tests given; however, student who have taken high school agricultural and natural resources courses have demonstrated their commitment to a rigorous, challenging program. They are prime candidates for a college or university agricultural and natural resources program. Students are encouraged to interview with the head of college programs to discuss what they have learned in high school and what college courses would be appropriate.

College Credit

Students who successfully complete the Agricultural Science Academy program sequence, with a grade of B or higher in academy courses, may be eligible for credits in an Agricultural Science program at many universities and colleges.

Successful Academy Students:

  • Maintain a C average in all academy coursework.
  • Complete a senior level coursework through a work-site experience (students must provide their own transportation) OR by participating in the on-campus (ARL) course of advanced skills, which includes a capstone project.

Senior Level Coursework Requirements:

  • Complete at least 8-10 hours of work-site experience per week OR daily attendance at the Applications and Research Lab.
  • Attend weekly senior seminars at the Applications and Research Lab.
  • Choose a “real world” problem to research.
  • Write and submit a research proposal, abstract, and reflection paper based on research.

Suggested Course Schedule

Below is a suggested high school course schedule for students interested in the Agricultural Science Academy
Grade Level Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5 Course 6 Course 7
Ninth Grade English required Mathematics required Science required Social Studies required Fitness & Health required Technology Education required Fine Arts available
Tenth Grade English required Mathematics required Science required Social Studies required Fine Arts required Elective available Elective available
Eleventh Grade English required Mathematics required Chemistry Social Studies required Elective available Agricultural Science I G/T
Twelfth Grade English required Mathematics required Science Elective required Elective available Agricultural Science II - G/T