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Gifted and Talented

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Gifted And Talented Program

The Gifted and Talented Program provides accelerated and enriched services for advanced-level learners, as well as talent development opportunities, at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

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Program Goals

The G/T Program seeks to recognize and develop talents in advanced-level learners. The following goals are established to offer a continuum of program services:

  • Ensure that gifted education services are an integral part of the general education program.
  • Provide differentiated instruction and curriculum to continuously improve student achievement and performance.
  • Provide for the social and emotional needs of advanced-level learners.
  • Recognize and develop diverse abilities and talents.
  • Provide comprehensive professional development for its teachers to help them meet the unique needs of advanced-level students.

These goals are based on gifted program standards and content goals of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) new webpage, Maryland Learning Outcomes, and the Howard County Essential Curriculum.

Definition Of Giftedness

The G/T Program is based upon two definitions of giftedness which serve as a foundation for talent development in the program and selection of students.

Definition One

Gifted behavior consists of behaviors that reflect an interaction among three basic clusters of human traits; above average ability, high levels of task commitment, and high levels of creativity. Students demonstrating gifted behaviors are those possessing or capable of developing this composite set of traits and applying them to any potentially valuable area of human performance.

Adapted from Joseph Renzulli’s definition.

Definition Two

“Highly able students are those who have been talent spotted as having outstanding abilities in the area of general intellectual capabilities, specific academic aptitudes, or the creative, visual, or performing arts.”

Annotated Code of Maryland, 8.201.202.

The HCPSS subscribes to multi-dimensional definitions of giftedness, seeking to recognize and develop talents in students.