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Obtain a Staff Photo ID

Photo IDs for New Staff

Photo IDs for new staff will be virtual (or other) at this time. Walk-ins are not permitted at any time.

  • Please email if you have an inquiry about your photo IDs. Additional information is available in the Staff Hub (employee login required).
  • Please note! Forms are in G Suite and access requires employees be signed in with their active directory credentials.

Photo ID Access

  1. If you have changed locations, you can transfer your access to that location by completing this form.
  2. If you require dual-access or cluster-locations, you can request those locations by completing this form.
    • You may not request access to all schools.

Photo ID Reprints

You are not required to replace your ID yearly. Please refer to the above, when necessary, to have your access transferred.

Reprints should be requested:

  1. If your photo is accurate on Workday and you need a reprint, please fill out a photo ID reprint request form.