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Educator Licensure

This page includes information regarding licensure applications, salary lane change requests, and tuition reimbursement. Please help us help you, by ALWAYS reading notifications/emails received by the Employee Licensure Team in their entirety and responding in a timely fashion. It is the responsibility of the license holder to review the current licensure requirements and to complete renewal requirements prior to the expiration date of their license.

Dr. Laura Moore gives a thumbs up while she reads out loud to her students at Waverly Elementary School

The HCPSS Employee Licensure Office works directly with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to provide licensure services for all HCPSS licensed employees. Once employed under contract, HCPSS will handle all licensure requests. If you are not a contracted HCPSS educator or if you are a HCPSS supporting services employee or substitute teacher, you must contact MSDE directly for licensure services at 410 767-0412,, or online at

Effective April 1, 2024, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) adopted new licensure regulations for personnel who are required to hold licensure (e.g., certification) for employment. This change was made to differentiate between a Maryland educator credential (i.e., license) and a National Board Certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Each Maryland educator certificate has a comparable license as follows:

Historic Certificate Comparable License
Professional Eligibility Certificate Initial Professional License
Standard Professional Certificate I Initial Professional License
Standard Professional Certificate II Professional License
Advanced Professional Certificate Advanced Professional License

Personnel who currently hold an active MSDE certificate will continue to hold that certificate through its current expiration date, at which time you will receive a comparable Maryland Educator License if you meet the requirements for renewal.

Per MSDE, licensure of professional education personnel by the State is established to offer assurance that:

  1. Professional public educational staff possess the minimum essential knowledge and skills needed to achieve outcomes for public education declared by the State Board of Education;
  2. Academically successful, multiply talented, and ethnically and experientially diverse individuals are being sought and retained by local school system and licensed education personnel maintain competent practice through career long engagement with their content area, research, best practices, and expert opinion.

Teachers, Specialists, and Administrators in Maryland public schools are subject to licensure requirements and must hold an appropriate license under COMAR 13A12.02, 13A12.04, or 13A.12.05 as appropriate.


The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) released The Educator Application and Certification Hub (TEACH) in April 2022. All Maryland educators are required to register in MSDE’s The Educator Application and Certification Hub (TEACH) and apply for licensure services as appropriate. Once registered, all educators will have access to their online Dashboard where they may submit applications for licensure services (renewal, adding endorsement, etc.), make payments, download their license, and update contact information.


Transcript Requirements

Official transcripts are required as part of the license application process. Unofficial transcripts submitted during the hiring process cannot be used during the license application process in TEACH. An application for licensure services (initial, renewal, add endorsement) will not be approved if official transcripts are not on file.

Transcripts may be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • Ordered from Parchment, which will be sent directly to TEACH; or
  • Electronically sent directly from an alternative e-transcript service to (or your assigned Employee Licensing Specialist); or
  • Sent by mail/pony in original, unopened/sealed envelope received by you from the institution of higher education to your assigned Employee Licensing Specialist.

Note: If electing to send transcripts electronically, they must be issued directly from the college/university to (or your assigned Employee Licensing Specialist) to be considered official. Electronic copies forwarded by an individual as an attachment are considered as an unofficial transcript and will not be accepted.

It is the responsibility of the license holder to submit an online application through TEACH in a timely manner and/or prior to the expiration date of their current license.

Praxis Testing Information

Individuals applying for initial licensure in any content area may be required to take Praxis assessments to obtain their professional license. To determine if you are required to take Praxis assessments to obtain your professional license, please visit MSDE’s general testing information website. For a listing of all current Praxis subject and pedagogy assessments, please visit MSDE’s Praxis assessment website.

Effective September 1, 2019, individuals applying for initial licensure in the areas of Early Childhood Education grade PreK-3, Elementary Education grades 1-6, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) PreK-12, and Generic Special Education (all grades), that are required to take Maryland assessments for professional licensure must present a passing score on a reading instruction licensure test approved by the State Board of Education (Praxis Science of Reading – TRE #5205), or attestation of proficiency through observation completed by a Department-recognized assessor using a Department-provided observation tool.

Effective July 1, 2025, teacher candidates must present the edTPA or PPAT to fulfill the pedagogy assessment requirement. The Praxis PLT will not be accepted after July 1, 2025. Please visit MSDE’s portfolio-based assessment website for more information.


Adding Licensure Endorsements Areas

Individuals holding a professional license may add additional content areas (endorsements) to their license. Additional endorsements cannot be added to conditional certificates. An application to add an endorsement to your existing professional licesnse must be submitted in TEACH.

There are two ways to add additional endorsement areas to an active professional license:

  • Submit qualifying scores* on the appropriate content specific Praxis assessment; or
  • Submit official transcripts with twenty-four (24) semester hours of content credit in the desired licensure area.

*If adding the endorsement area of Early Childhood Education PreK-3, Elementary Education 1-6, Generic Special Education, or ESOL, you must also demonstrate proficiency in the knowledge and practices of scientific reading instruction by:

Note: Individuals must hold a historic professional certificate or professional license with an existing content area to be eligible to add additional content area endorsements to their credential. Other endorsement areas such as Administration/Supervisory and Specialists require specific course work. For more information regarding licensure requirements for specific areas, please visit MSDE’s pathways to licensure website.

Accessing Personal Licensure Information

Licensed HCPSS employees can view their personal licensure information and download a copy of their current license in TEACH.

Additionally, individuals holding an MSDE educator license can view their personal license information and download a copy of their current license in TEACH.