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The HCPSS has maintained an active educational partnership program for more than 20 years. By strengthening and enhancing the quality of education in Howard County, partnerships help keep the school system among the best in the nation and ensure that Howard County is an attractive place to live.

Businesses and community organizations that partner with Howard County schools gain both immediate and long-term rewards. Employees experience the satisfaction of helping students prepare for a better future. The organization receives positive exposure among students, school staff, parents and the community.

The Partnerships Office unites business and community organizations with schools to build rewarding, sustainable partnerships in support of school system Strategic Call to Action.

Educational Partnership Reports

2019-2020 School Year (PDF)

2018-2019 School Year (PDF)

2017-2018 School Year (PDF)

2016-2017 School Year (PDF)

2015-2016 School Year (PDF)

2014-2015 School Year (PDF)

2013-2014 School Year (PDF)

2012-2013 School Year (PDF)

2011-2012 School Year (PDF)

2010-2011 School Year (PDF)

2009-2010 School Year (PDF)

2008-2009 School Year (PDF)

2007-2008 School Year (PDF)

2006-2007 School Year (PDF)

2005-2006 School Year (PDF)


Partnerships Office at 410-313-6655 or