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Career Research and Development

Career Research & Development (CRD) gives students the opportunity to discover career interests and explore options for work or continuing education. In the classroom, students identify career interests and aptitudes, and learn and practice job skills. Students then apply those skills in an employment setting related to their career goals.

Students enrolled in Career Research & Development who meet eligibility requirements may earn a Passport to the Future certifying employment readiness.


  • Students in Grades 10-12.

Employer’s Role

  • Provide a paid position to student.
  • Mentor student to build skills in job performance, appropriate workplace conduct, and so on.
  • Complete student evaluation at end of each marking period.
  • Additional roles and responsibilities.

Benefits To Employer

  • Gain personal satisfaction through working with highly motivated employees.
  • Teacher monitors job performance.


  • 10 or more hours per week (usually paid) at job site throughout school year.
  • Student provides transportation.


Career Research & Development web site

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