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Additional Roles and Responsibilities

The role of each participant in a placement opportunity – employer/mentor, student, and teacher/coordinator – is defined below.

Except where indicated, these apply to all HCPSS Career Academy, Career Research & Development, Gifted & Talented, and Work Study placements at organizational sites.

Employer/Mentor Responsibilities

  • Provide a variety of meaningful working experiences under direct supervision of qualified personnel.
  • Note the student’s work skills, progress, and professional attitude at the worksite. Complete a student evaluation form for each interim and final marking period and forward to teacher/coordinator.
  • If applicable, evaluate student project at end of year.
  • Recognize that student is a minor and is participating in a school sponsored program at the worksite. Therefore the mentor agrees that all conduct and communication will be appropriate to a teaching environment.
  • Maintain communication with the teacher/coordinator; with contact at least twice per quarter and additionally as needed.
  • Promptly contact teacher/coordinator regarding any questions, concerns, or problems (attendance, attitude, etc.)
  • Provide a safe working environment in accordance with all appropriate laws.
  • Follow all federal, state, and local laws for the employment of minors, including those regulating hours of employment.
  • Student will be eligible for all company benefits under the State Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Laws.
  • If a non-profit organization, provide copy of the organization’s volunteer insurance coverage prior to placement.

Student Responsibilities

  • Comply with all Howard County Public School System policies and regulations while participating in the program and all program-related activities. Note: Failure to comply with policies and regulations may result in loss of placement and dismissal from program.
  • Observe rules of safety, loyalty, honesty, integrity, and business etiquette, while showing a desire to learn under the supervision of mentor.
  • Meet expectations of punctuality, attendance, proper attire, and professionalism; notify worksite mentor and teacher of any absence.
  • Student work hours must overlap teacher’s work schedule.
  • Report to school when not at worksite.
  • Maintain passing grades in all remaining school subjects and complete all assignments required by teacher.
  • Notify teacher/mentor of any change in work location, schedule, and/or internship status within 24 hours of the change. If paid employee, provide two weeks written notice. (In case of failure to report termination, absence from school will be considered illegal from date of termination.)
  • A parent conference is required in order for the student to withdraw the internship course.
  • Complete the minimum number of work hours per week as indicated on the front of the contract to receive credit for Site-Based Work Experience. Student must be marked present for a full day of school to receive credit for daily work experience.
  • If applicable, provide own transportation to the worksite, and assume all transportation costs, including fuel and parking fees. If student drives, provide automobile insurance carrier and policy number on the front of the contract. (Does not apply to Work Study-Special Education students.)
  • Return a Site-Based Student Evaluation form for each interim and final marking period.

Teacher/School Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Assist in identifying appropriate mentor to match student’s interests, aptitudes, and abilities.
  • Assist student in arranging initial interview with potential mentor if needed.
  • Visit workplace and maintain open communication with the mentor; with contact at least twice per quarter and additionally as needed.
  • Assist students in resolving workplace problems and concerns, taking appropriate action when warranted to remedy unsatisfactory situation. (Note: When necessary, action may include permanent or temporary removal of student from worksite.)
  • Secure all signed agreements and documents.
  • Evaluate student progress and collaborate with mentor to assign grade (if applicable) at each interim and final marking period.

Participants will be asked to indicate acceptance of the above terms by signing a Howard County Public School System Student Placement Contract upon establishment of a placement agreement.