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Staff Discount Program Registration

Thank you very much for choosing to participate in the HCPSS Staff Discount Program. We appreciate your support!

The consistently high rankings earned by the Howard County Public School System make it a driving economic force in the county. As a business leader, we know that you appreciate and recognize the value of having a strong school system. By joining the roster of valued businesses participating in the HCPSS Staff Discount Program you reinforce our shared commitment and passion for quality education. With the HCPSS being the largest employer in the county your discount or offer will be available to nearly 8,000 teachers and staff. The HCPSS recruitment materials, intranet site, Partnerships Annual Report, and other communications will promote the program and the commitment participating businesses have made to support education.

Below are the guidelines for participating:

  • Discounts must be provided to all employees of the HCPSS; employees should present an employee picture ID.
  • Offer must be valid from the date of submission through June 30.
  • Offers available to the community at large do not qualify. The discount/offer must be unique to HCPSS employees.
  • Vendors may leave the program by providing written and/or email notification.
  • The HCPSS reserves the right to cancel the discount offer at any time, for any reason, at its sole discretion.
  • When an accepted offer has expired (June 30), it is the vendor’s responsibility to notify the HCPSS Partnerships Office of its willingness to continue the discount or offer.
  • All arrangements are strictly between the employee, as a consumer and the vendor. The HCPSS assumes no responsibility for any arrangements, contracts, purchases, or dispute between individual employees and the discount vendor.
  • Vendors are prohibited from on-site visits, displays, posting or distributing fliers, and/or solicitation of any kind while on the HCPSS property unless otherwise permitted per Howard County BOE Policies.

The HCPSS Partnerships Office will provide information to employees about businesses participating in the HCPSS Staff Discount Program.


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Staff Discount Program Registration

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