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Passport to the Future

I am highly impressed with students who have earned a Passport to the Future. They have learned what it takes to be successful on the job.

Dorothy Brillantes, Senior Vice President, Howard County General Hospital

Students enrolled in Career Research & Development may earn a Passport to the Future after learning and successfully demonstrating the skills necessary for gainful employment, including effective communication, technology applications, and interpersonal relations. The Passport endorses students who seek employment in the region as “workforce ready.” An employer who hires a Passport-certified student can be confident that the new employee has the skills and attitudes needed to succeed on the job.

Passport to the Future is offered in partnership with the Howard County Chamber of Commerce, which shares a commitment with the HCPSS to the development of a highly educated and successful workforce.


Grade 11 or 12 students who have successfully:

  • Completed Career Research & Development coursework.
  • Prepared a portfolio, consisting of resume, references, academic records, and samples of completed assignments or special projects illustrating academic and career skills.
  • Earned Passport to the Future certification through successful completion of an interview and portfolio.

Employer Role

  • Provide paid position to qualified students.
  • Mentor student to build skills in job performance, appropriate workplace conduct, and so on.
  • Include appropriate openings in the Passport Job Bank.
  • Additional roles and responsibilities.

Benefits To Organization

  • Access to highly qualified and motivated student employees.
  • Confidence that student employees have the skills necessary to do the job.
  • Opportunity to help promising students prepare for future success.
  • Job openings posted on the Passport Job Bank.
  • Membership visibility to community via press release, window decal, recognition on the HCPSS Career Research and Development and the Chamber of Commerce websites, and listing in the HCPSS Educational Partnerships Annual Report.
  • Invitations to Passport events.


  • 10 or more hours per week at job site.
  • Student provides transportation.


Stephanie Discepolo
HCPSS Career and Technology Office – 410-313-6629

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Sponsored in partnership with the Howard County Chamber of Commerce.