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HCPSS 2023-2024 School Year

We are excited to welcome our students, families and staff back for another exciting year!

The efforts of all HCPSS staff are be grounded in equity and embody the HCPSS Strategic Call to Action, with decisions guided by three primary priorities: safety and well-being of our students and staff members; high-quality instruction for all students, including those most vulnerable, for academic recovery and acceleration; and resource availability, including staffing and funding.

Dr. Laura Moore reads out loud to her students at Waverly Elementary School

Last Day of School Scheduled

HCPSS used three inclement weather days this school year. As such, the last day of school for students in full-day Pre-K through grade 12 is now scheduled to be Friday, June 14, with June 12-14 as three-hour early dismissals. The last day for half-day Pre-K/RECC students is currently Tuesday, June 11.

Find complete information on the last two weeks of school.

Helpful Links for Students & Families

Calendar and Operating Status

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