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Student and Parent Handbook

The Student & Parent Handbook will no longer be printed and instead will be available online. The 2019-2020 Student & Parent Handbook is available here.

The handbook outlines districtwide practices and policies related to students and parents. It additionally features sub-topics that describe various services, procedures, and protocols implemented in Howard County Public Schools. A table of contents for the 2019-20 Student & Parent Handbook is available below.

The Student Code of Conduct can be found within the Student & Parent Handbook and also is available online.

Student & Parent Handbook Table of Contents

School Eligibility Requirements

School Procedures

  • Attendance
  • Before and After School Care
  • Bus Transportation
  • School Meals
  • Homework Guidelines
  • Students’ Personal Property
  • Photographing, Videotaping or Audiotaping in Schools
  • Religious Observance, Accommodations for Resolving School Concerns and Disagreements
  • Ombudsman

Elementary School (Pre-K–Grade 5)

Middle School (Grades 6–8)

High School (Grades 9–12)

Special Schools

Support Services for Students

Special Education and Related Services

Gifted and Talented Programs

Alternative Education

English for Speakers of Other Languages

International Student and Family Services

Summer School

Assessments – Standardized Tests Given in the HCPSS

Student Code of Conduct

High School Student Activities

  • Academic Eligibility for HS Extracurricular Activities
  • Interscholastic Athletic Program
  • High School Clubs
  • Interscholastic Athletics – Student Eligibility
  • Honor Roll
  • National Honor Society
  • Student Driving and Parking on School Grounds
  • Guidelines for High School Dances

Student Responsibilities and Behavior/Policies

Safety and Security


  • School Health Services
  • Immunizations
  • Accident Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medication
  • Home and Hospital Program
  • Wellness Policy
  • Weather Guidelines/Recess
  • Physical Education
  • Asbestos Management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (Policy 1030)

Student Privacy

Family Involvement

Use of School Facilities

Board of Education