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HCPSS Technology

Student Devices

Access to technology devices can open doors to many educational opportunities during the traditional school day and outside of school hours. When appropriate, HCPSS teachers will continue to use HCPSS-issued Chromebooks in innovative ways for lessons and assignments.

HCPSS provides online easy-to-understand device responsibilities and repair costs, as well as information on caring for Chromebooks, issue support and more.

Online Safety & Expectations

Online Safety

HCPSS continues to invest in information security efforts, upgrade our equipment and ensure that our network is secure, and it is critical that our user groups – which include students, staff and parents/guardians – do their part to maintain a safe virtual learning environment.

Google Meet Expectations

To ensure a positive and productive learning environment during Google Meet online sessions, it is important that students and parents adhere to certain guidelines.


Parents/guardians may elect to receive Lightspeed weekly emails summarizing their student’s HCPSS Chromebook internet usage. There also is an option for the Lightspeed Parent Portal, which provides near real-time information on a student’s HCPSS Chromebook internet activity, and offers the ability to pause web browsing and block social media sites when not on the HCPSS network.

Virtual Responsibilities

A successful virtual instruction program requires collaboration and shared responsibilities among students, educators and families to ensure that every student is supported and has the best chance to learn and thrive.

Digital Tools

HCPSS uses a number of digital tools to deliver educational programs and services, enhance educational experiences, and educate students about safe and effective online practices. A digital tool is any interactive website, application or software that requires an account with a username and password.

Essential Digital Tools

Essential Digital Tools are digital tools that HCPSS considers necessary to deliver educational programs and operational services that support the goals of the system. These Essential Digital Tools align with HCPSS curriculum standards and are 508 COMAR compliant.

Any digital tool or web application that is embedded in curriculum resources/materials and/or is endorsed/promoted by central office curriculum staff is considered an Essential Digital Tool.

Learn more about, and view the digital tools menu  →

Supplemental Digital Tools

Supplementary Digital Tools are digital tools that HCPSS authorizes to be used as supplementary (non-essential) enrichments to students’ educational experience

Digital Resources

Online educational resources that do not require an account to use, or are only for teachers’ use.

Google Additional Services

Parents/guardians of students in grades 4-12 can provide consent for Google’s menu of additional services (Google Translate, YouTube, etc.) on HCPSS-issued Chromebooks by logging in to HCPSS Connect Synergy.



Students most commonly utilize the Canvas, Synergy and G Suite applications. Those, and others students may use for instruction, can be found at


Parents and guardians will utilize HCPSS Connect to gain access to a variety of student information and classroom instructional tools offering personalized communication, and relevant and easily accessible information relating to your student(s).


HCPSS provides staff, students and families with a variety of supports related to technology applications and devices. See below for support resources. If you or your child has questions on how to use the technology to access instruction or are having technical issues, please email your child’s teacher or school administrator.

Students & Staff Username / Password

Students and staff can use Account Self-Service in the event of a forgotten username or password, to change a password, or to manage Multi-Factor Authentication.

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Join Chromebook to WiFi

HCPSS Chromebooks will automatically join the Wi-Fi at HCPSS locations. Chromebooks can also connect to other non-HCPSS wireless networks. Directions on connecting are available online.

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Parent/Guardian Password Reset

Parents and guardians who have difficulty logging in to HCPSS Connect can view instructions on resetting passwords. Contact your child’s school if issues remain.