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Redistricting Process for the 2023-2024 School Year

On January 27, 2022, the Board of Education directed that HCPSS initiate the boundary review process outlined in Policy 6010 School Attendance Areas. This review will include boundary modifications to establish an attendance area for New High School #13.

New High School #13 is scheduled to open for the 2023-24 school year with 1,658 seats. The school is located near Mission Road and Washington Boulevard (Rt. 1) in Jessup, within the current Hammond High School attendance area. The communities located in the eastern part of Howard County are most likely to be impacted by this redistricting process.

Changes in school attendance areas as a result of this process will take effect beginning the 2023-24 school year.

Redistricting Process for the 2023-24 School Year

Proceso de Redistribución de Distritos para el año Escolar 2023–2024

Please Note: Cooperative Strategies is referenced in the information below. Cooperative Strategies, LLC, is a Board of Education-approved independent consultant that will serve as a neutral facilitator throughout the redistricting process.

Supporting Students

Transitions can be difficult for children and some struggle more than others. HCPSS welcomes thousands of new students to our schools annually, and school administrators and staff in every school are prepared to support students in adjusting to a new school when that reality arises. They will make every effort to ensure this transition is as easy as possible for you and your child. More information will be provided during the spring of 2023 following final redistricting decisions.

Public Input

Community members will have multiple opportunities and ways to provide input and recommendations throughout the process. Input sessions, surveys and other methods may be used to inform the Superintendent’s recommendation. Following the recommendation to the Board of Education, additional input opportunities may include public hearings and digital ways to provide testimony to the Board.

Process Timeline

Please note: This is an approximate timeline that will evolve throughout the redistricting process. Additional information will be added, including specific dates once determined.

Spring Community Input Workshops

March 2022

The Spring Community Input Workshops provided an opportunity for community members to meet with staff from the HCPSS Office of School Planning and the Cooperative Strategies team to provide input and voice their priorities related to the redistricting process.

Workshops were held March 8 at Howard High School, March 9 at Oakland Mills High School, and March 14 at Hammond High School. Workshop locations were not an indicator of which areas of the county may or may not be impacted by redistricting.

Unable to attend a workshop?

Watch the overview video →

Video de la descripción general del proceso de redistribución de distritos para el año escolar 2023-2024 →

Provide initial input that will be used to develop boundary options throughout the process — Survey closed

Encuesta en línea — Encuesta cerrada


Feasibility Study

June 2022

The Feasibility Study includes:

  • Possible options based on enrollment data and available capacity for boundary adjustments.
  • A comprehensive look at the 10-year student enrollment projections for county schools.
  • The most currently available data, including population growth based on students yielded from sales of existing housing and from projected new housing units, and socioeconomic data.

Online Feedback Forms

June-July 2022

Community members may share their feedback, after reviewing the Feasibility Study.


Attendance Area Focus Group Meetings

June – July 2022

More information is forthcoming.


Community Feedback Sessions

June – July 2022

Community members may attend input sessions to provide feedback for the Superintendent.


Superintendent Recommendation to the Board

September 2022

The Superintendent presents his Proposed Attendance Area Adjustment Plan to the Board of Education.


Board of Education Public Hearings

September – November 2022

The Board of Education holds public hearings to gather feedback from the community. Members of the public who wish to testify but cannot attend a public hearing may submit testimony via email or USPS mail.


Board of Education Work Sessions

September – November 2022

The Board of Education holds public work sessions to discuss the Superintendent’s Boundary Adjustment Proposal and potential modifications. The public may attend work sessions but may not participate.


Testimony to the Board

September—November 2022

The Board of Education receives testimony from the community.


Board Decision

November 2022

The Board of Education makes its final decision on boundary adjustments.


Information and Activities to Support Students Transitioning to a New School

Spring 2023

Students transitioning to a new school participate in activities (e.g. open houses) and receive information about supports and services available at their new school to welcome them into the school community.


New HS #13 Opens & New Boundaries Implemented

September 2023

Board decisions related to redistricting are implemented at the start of the 2023–2024 school year.