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School Construction

HCPSS considers construction projects carefully as each project goes through a myriad of stages from concept to completion.

Current Projects

Hanover Hills Elementary School

The HCPSS is building a new elementary within the planned community of Oxford Square in Hanover to accommodate the increased student population along the Route 1 corridor. It will be built on a parcel adjacent to the Thomas Viaduct Middle School. The school is scheduled to open in September 2018.

Patuxent Valley MS

The intent of the project is a complete systemic renovation of the existing building. Although this project is not being driven by building capacity, upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems are the priority for this project.

Swansfield ES

The purpose of the project is expanding and renovating parts of the Swansfield Elementary School building. The project includes a 100 seat addition and is intended to provide a systemic renovation of the existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and other aging systems in the building.

Waverly ES

The project calls for the expansion of the educational spaces and renovation of the existing facility including new electrical, mechanical, plumbing, technology, roofing and life safety systems as applicable per the recent feasibility assessment survey.

Recently Completed Projects

Wilde Lake MS

Wilde Lake Middle School specifically serves the Town Center of Columbia. It is important that the school prepare to meet the demands of the higher student population as Columbia continues to grow.

Deep Run ES

To address functional deficiencies in the school along with a growing student population, additions will be added to accompany more students and renovations will upgrade the building’s systems.

Laurel Woods ES

A growing student population called for expanded space to keep pace with HCPSS programmatic requirements. Proposed developments included increased classroom space and extended emergency vehicle access lanes.

Longfellow ES

The primary focus was to address the conversion of the open space teaching pods into individual classrooms. In addition, administrative offices were relocated and the health suite was developed to meet current state standards.

Running Brook ES

The renovation project addressed the continued population growth of Columbia West and Southeastern regions that affect the elementary school along with the expected influx of students by the year 2019.

Thomas Viaduct MS

The HCPSS built Thomas Viaduct Middle School within the planned community of Oxford Square in Hanover to accommodate the increased student population along the Route 1 corridor.


As projects travel through these stages, up-to-date information and supporting documentation will be posted.

  1. Concept Development Stage A summary and supporting documentation about the project, including any approvals necessary before the project can begin.
  2. Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) Stage Meeting notes and presentations from all of the PAC meetings.
  3. Schematic Design Stage Concept drawings based on the PAC recommendations.
  4. Design Development Stage Information on the design details based on the approved schematics.
  5. Construction Document Stage Information on the construction details based on the approved designs.


Office of School Construction
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