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BSAP Celebrations and Initiatives

Celebrations And Initiatives

The following programs were developed to promote achievement at the secondary level among all BSAP students:

  • The Council of Elders Celebration of Academic Achievement (Grades 4-9)
  • The Council of Elders Celebration of Excellence (Graduating Seniors)

Since 1997, The Council of Elders (TCOE) in partnership with the HCPSS Black Student Achievement Program (BSAP) have facilitated the nights of celebration. Celebrations honor students of African or African American heritage who have excelled academically from grades 4-12. Academic achievement celebrations are held throughout the school year to recognize the accomplishments of Black/African American scholars.

We are proud of our scholars and believe that recognizing their achievements will not only inspire them to continue striving for excellence in their academic endeavors, but to also inspire their siblings and peers to strive for the same.

BSAP College and Career Opportunities Night

BSAP College and Career Opportunities Night invites all scholars in grades 8-12 from across Howard County to learn more about HCPSS pathways, network with working professionals, connect with colleges and universities, and explore post-secondary opportunities. The evening highlights colleges and universities as well as businesses and community organizations. In addition, scholars and families participate in college and career workshops to gain insight into a topic as it relates to the planning and opportunities for post-secondary endeavors.

HCPSS/TCOE Community Academies

HCPSS/TCOE Community Academies are virtual workshops held quarterly to provide families and the community with vital information about how they can participate in the educational process and support learning and achievement of their students. For more information about TCOE visit their website.


Volunteers help students reach higher levels of academic achievement in a variety of capacities. The following list is not all-inclusive, so please inquire about other volunteering opportunities.

All adult volunteers must complete the HCPSS volunteer verification process prior to having contact with students.

As a supportive adult, you can assist students with school assignments, organization and study skills, graphic calculator applications, chess and much more.