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Black Student Achievement Program

A young girl smiling in a classroom.


Gloria Washington Wallace created the Howard County Public School System’s (HCPSS’) Black Student Achievement Program (BSAP) in 1986 as an experimental test program at three schools, seeking to address low test scores that Black/African American students in general earned on standardized tests and the relatively high disciplinary suspensions and expulsions of Black/African American students. She was instrumental in advocating to increase access to rigorous coursework and accelerating achievement for Black/African American students. Over the years the BSAP, established in 1986, has been a valuable resource to the school system, Black/African American students, their parents and the community. The program continues with these same values and practices today that carry on the legacy.

BSAP seeks to close achievement gaps for Black/African American students and ensures students are college and career ready at the time of graduation.

Through a coordinated system of services, BSAP encourages, promotes and supports access to diverse learning opportunities and social emotional development for Black/African American students in collaboration with teachers, administrators, families and the community.


The ultimate goal of the HCPSS BSAP is to help black students excel as leaders, conquer challenges of the 21st century and become college and career ready upon high school graduation. BSAP staff encourage students and parents to strive for:

  • Report card grades B or above in all courses
  • Enrollment in G/T and AP classes
  • Enrollment in SAT prep courses
  • Zero disciplinary referrals
  • Involvement in clubs and/or athletic teams
  • Involvement in community service

Six Ps

BSAP students follow the 6 Ps:

  1. Proud – Feel great satisfaction when you have achieved your goal.
  2. Prompt – Be on time without delay.
  3. Persistent – Never give up when things seem difficult.
  4. Productive – Always produce quality work.
  5. Polite – Show good manners towards others in behavior and speech.
  6. Prepared – Be organized, equipped and ready to learn.