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BSAP Achievement Liaisons (PreK – 12)

A male student wearing a graduation cap.

BSAP Liaisons serve as a resource in assigned schools, working in collaboration with administrators, staff, families, and the community, in order to accelerate academic achievement of all Black/African American students.

Some responsibilities of BSAP Liaisons are:

  • Support Black/African American students and families.
  • Collaborate with school staff to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of Black/African American students and their families.
  • Facilitate the involvement and engagement of Black/African American families in the educational process.
  • Collaborate with national, state, and community organizations to serve Black/African American students and their families more effectively.
  • Collect, maintain, and analyze data and data trends for Black/African American students.
  • Monitor academic progress of Black/African American PreK – Grade 12 students to ensure appropriate placement in academic programs, as well as growth and acceleration of academic achievement.
  • Monitors the progress of all African American students, in collaboration with school staff, to ensure their placement in appropriate programs, in order to accelerate their academic achievement.
  • Educates the school community towards a deeper understanding of African American students and their families.

Target Population

As with any BSAP initiative, Black/African American students are the BSAP Liaison’s primary target population. However, other student groups may participate in BSAP initiatives.

2024 BSAP Liaisons

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools