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Middle School Gifted and Talented Curriculum

Curriculum By Subject

G/T curriculum objectives in G/T English, Science and Social Studies are embedded within the curriculum for that grade level.

Placement Process

Students are placed in G/T content area classes based upon multiple criteria. The first step in the placement process includes the testing of all students in Grade 5 using the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT).

CogAT Eligibility Ranges

Gifted and Talented Math

92-99%ile Quantitative-Nonverbal Composite Score

Gifted and Talented English

90-99%ile Verbal Score

Gifted and Talented Social Studies

90-99%ile Verbal-Nonverbal Composite Score

Gifted and Talented Science

91-99%ile Verbal-Quantitative-Nonverbal Composite Score

**All CogAT Percentiles and Composites Scores are Grade Percentile Rank (GPR).

Those students entering HCPSS in middle school will be tested using the School and College Ability Test (SCAT).

In addition to those students whose scores fall within the CogAT or SCAT eligibility ranges, students also may be recommended to participate in G/T content classes by the school’s G/T Placement Committee. This committee reviews multiple data points related to a student’s performance, including additional assessment scores, student work samples, Instructional Seminar and Curriculum Extension Unit participation, and report card grades. The committee may recommend placement at the end of elementary school or in subsequent middle school years.

If a student is not eligible for G/T content area classes through testing, parents, teachers, and administrators may request a placement review, a process which incorporates multiple criteria including standardized tests, student work samples, classroom observation, and parental and teacher input. For information on how parents may initiate the placement review process, please refer to Parent Initiation of the Placement Review Process document (PDF) for G/T Content Area Classes.

If a family disagrees with the recommendation of the G/T Placement Committee, the family has the option to complete the Course Placement Review form, which would enroll the student in the requested class. Interested families should contact their child’s school-based G/T Resource Teacher.

Accelerated Mathematics Program

The Accelerated G/T Mathematics Program allows students to progress through the sequence of mathematics courses at an accelerated rate. The program is designed for students who show outstanding ability and a high level of performance in mathematics.

The program consists of two course sequences.

In the first sequence, students will enroll in the Algebra I G/T course at their respective middle schools in 6th grade and the Geometry G/T course in 7th grade. In 8th grade, they will enroll in Algebra II and attend one two-hour class session each week afterschool or in the evening and use their in-school math period to complete the required weekly assignments.

In the second course sequence, a small number of students will attend one two-hour class session each week afterschool or in the evening beginning in 6th grade and use their in-school math period to complete the required weekly assignments. This current sequence parallels what was formerly referred to as “Early Entrance” to the Accelerated G/T Mathematics Program. This program benefits students who are extremely advanced, independent learners. Students participating in this program thrive in a challenging environment with others of similar abilities and interests.

After participating in the program during their middle school years, the students will proceed with advanced mathematics courses available at their respective high schools.

Successful participants in this program are expected to have…

  • strong problem-solving and abstract reasoning skills
  • strong spatial and visualization skills
  • a high level of interest in mathematics
  • a high level of self-motivation and strong work ethic
  • organizational and independent learning skills
  • the ability to communicate mathematical ideas in writing
  • academic maturity beyond their chronological years

Students who meet the initial eligibility criteria based upon CogAT and PARCC scores will automatically be considered for this countywide program.

Resource Teachers

Please contact the middle school G/T Resource Teachers for more information.