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HCPSS Connect – Guides

For Canvas specific training, please visit the Canvas Orientation Course.

HCPSS Connect Overview including Synergy and Canvas

Student Technology Guides

Document Guide

Mobile Hotspot

This resource will guide you through setting up your Hotspot and connecting for the first time.

HCPSS Connect Synergy – User Guides

Document Guide

Activation and Password Reset

Activate an HCPSS Connect account and reset your password.

Document Guide

Account Navigation

Navigate the parent view in Synergy.

Document Guide

Parent Teacher Conferences

Register for a parent teacher conference.

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Kindergarten Prior Care

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) requires HCPSS to collect information about the early care experiences of all newly enrolling kindergarten students.

Document Guide

Online Registration for New Students

Complete online registration for new students.

Document Guide

Request BSAP Saturday Math Academy

You will use HCPSS Connect to register your child for the BSAP Saturday Math Academy.

High School Athletic Registration – User Guides

Document Guide

HCPSS Connect High School Athletic Registration Guide

Upload physicals and proof of residency to participate in high school athletics. Quick Reference Card (2 pages)

Family File – User Guides

HCPSS Course Requests – User Guides

Document Guide

Online Course Requests

Make a course request for electives and alternatives.

HCPSS Course Placement – User Guides

Document Guide

Online Course Placement Review

Request a course placement different from the placement committee’s recommendation.

Document Guide

Register for Summer School

Online help for Summer School Programs registration.

Canvas – Mobile Applications

Canvas Parent Mobile App*

* This app has been optimized for middle and high school parents/guardians.

Document Guide

Mobile App Guides

View the Canvas Parent Android Guide and the Canvas Parent iOS Guide.

Download the Canvas mobile app for parents

Download the Canvas mobile app for parents on iOS or Android.

Note: The Canvas Parent app requires parents to go through an easy one-time account set up. Parents/guardians will need their child’s login credentials during initial set up to create the connection.

Canvas Student Mobile App

Document Guide

Mobile App Guides

View the Canvas Student Android Guide and the Canvas Student iOS Guide.

Download the Canvas mobile app for students

Download the Canvas mobile app for students on iOS or Android.

Canvas – Content Guides

Video Guide

Assignments Overview (secondary only)

Keep track of your assignments and when they are due.

Document Guide

Grades Overview (secondary only)

Check your scores for individual assignments.

Video Guide

Calendar Overview

Leverage the calendar to keep track of important events and assignments.

Canvas – Settings Guides

Document Guide


Understand your personalized dashboard and activity stream.

Document Guide


Learn how to view and filter announcements.

Document Guide

Register Email

Register your email or other contact method.

Video Guide


Manage the frequency and delivery of notifications from Canvas.

Document Guide

Grade Notifications

Setting Grade Notification Thresholds

Video Guide

User Settings

Adjust your user settings and profile picture