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HCPSS Connect Orientation

A detailed overview of the Synergy and Canvas, the primary two online applications that power HCPSS Connect.


Welcome. This video is designed primarily to introduce parents and guardians to HCPSS connect; your one-stop shop for all your student’s information, grades and coursework. Let’s briefly go over the three applications that make up HCPSS Connect.

[ Icons for the three systems that are part of HCPSS Connect (Canvas, Synergy, and Family File) available at ]

  • Canvas is a Learning Management System, or online classroom, and stores secondary assignment and test scores, teacher web pages, discussions, and allows for electronic submission of assignments.
  • Synergy is a Student Information System, or online application, that allows parents to see recorded final quarter grades, attendance, standardized test scores, register for athletics, and schedule conferences.
  • Family File is an application that collects emergency information and other preferences from parents, replacing the long paper form that used to come home. This information is transferred into Synergy for staff access as appropriate.

All are accessible via the same login and you can move between between Canvas and Synergy with ease.

[ Visual of the HCPSS Connect homepage. ]

Let’s briefly go over what’s on the Connect homepage.

If you’re having trouble logging into the system, the Help icon takes you to an online form where you can request assistance.

The Guides icon takes you to an area that includes detailed instructions on how to complete a number of common tasks and provides guidance on navigating the system.

The FAQs icon takes you to a list of commonly asked questions. This area is updated regularly with new information and instructions.

The Feedback icon takes you to an area where you can share your thoughts about the system and provide ideas for future enhancements.

Let’s click the blue HCPSS button to begin logging in.

[ Visual of the HCPSS Connect log in screen. ]

Login to Connect by entering your credentials. Please keep in mind that your username is your email address.

Click the Login Button to sign-in. If you have forgotten your password, click the Account Activation and Forgot Password link below the login button.

[ Visuals of the HCPSS Connect screens with details described below. ]

Once logged in, you’ll reach the landing page.

This is an example of what your page might look like. Let’s go through some of the more commonly used options.

The Messages tab is not currently being used as all communications between students, teachers, and parents is available in Canvas.

The Calendar tab is not currently being used as all events, assignments, etc. are available in Canvas.

Attendance shows the Daily and Period attendance for middle and high school students and the Daily attendance for elementary students.

Class Schedule lists the child’s current schedule. This tab is not available until the day before school begins.

Conference is used to schedule Parent Teacher conferences. This option is available during the conference scheduling window only.

Course History lists completed high schools classes taken with the grade earned.

Fee lists any charges for classes taken that require a fee. Currently only fees for the Innovative Pathways school are displayed here.

School Information lists the school’s contact information.

Student Info shows the child’s demographic and emergency contact information.

Canvas opens the canvas application, or online classroom, which includes assignment scores for secondary students.

Family File links to the Emergency Form that must be completed for each child every school year.

Attendance displays the child’s daily attendance for this year and provides the link to register for attendance notifications if your child is marked absent.

Homeroom/Transportation/POS shows your child’s homeroom assignment and transportation information for the year and the student’s PIN number for school meals.

Conference Scheduling shows the Parent Teacher conferences schedule. This page allows you to see any scheduled conferences after the scheduling window has closed.

Academic Information provides access to your child’s standardized test scores, graduation requirements, report cards, and GPAs.

Athletic Registration provides the ability to register for high school sports online.

Summer School Schedule lists any classes the student will take during Summer School.

JumpStart, use this link to apply to take college-level courses while enrolled in high school.

Schedule Concurrent Conferences - used to schedule Parent Teacher conferences with teachers of the Applications and Research Laboratory or the Digital Education Program

Innovative Pathways - used to request enrollment in the Innovative Pathways Evening School program.

[ Visual of the Canvas dashboard with details described below. ]

The HCPSS Canvas site is where coursework and day-to-day assignments are visible for all students. Grades for middle and high school students can be found here as well.

After logging in, you’ll see the Canvas landing page or dashboard. Videos and quick reference cards that go into greater depth on Canvas can be found on HCPSS HCPSS connect under Guides.

The Global Navigation Bar can be found on left side of the screen. This bar is always on-screen and provides quick access to Canvas features.

The Account button displays a menu with links to your profile, user settings, notification preferences and the logout button. Visit this area to set up or adjust your notification settings. You are also able to add additional email addresses or add a mobile phone number for text message notifications.

The Calendar will display a view that shows assignments, due dates and other events for your students courses. The calendar only shows up to ten courses at a time. If you have two or more students you may have to deselect courses to filter or simplify your view.

The Inbox is where you are able to send and receive messages from your student’s teachers. Messages from the inbox are also forwarded to the personal email that you have on file.

The Grades button allows you to see all your students current scores and grades. You are also able to drill down further to view course content and individual assignments.

The area on the right side of the screen displays upcoming coursework and assignments across all courses and can contain up to three sections, to do, coming up and recent feedback. There is also an additional Grades button shortcut located here.

The tiles in the center of the dashboard are called Course Cards. These allow easy access to favorited courses. You can set favorites under the Courses icon by clicking the star to the left of the course name.

The Students button at the top of the screen will open up a new window and enable you to view similar information to the global navigation; like your student’s courses and grades. But in this area you are able to set grade alerts allowing you to determine a threshold where you’ll receive an email if your students grade in any course falls below that threshold.

To learn more about using Canvas review the Connect guides or click the Orientation icon. For more information, visit ([]