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Instructional Intervention Teams

Instructional Intervention Teams (IITs) throughout Howard County work with teachers to improve student outcomes using the case management model for problem solving. The IIT process is based on the Instructional Consultation Teams (IC-Teams) model (Rosenfield & Gravois), which has been supported in the research as an effective process to reduce disproportionality in special education and to increase teacher self-efficacy at the elementary level.


IITs provide a structured process for supporting teachers to address students’ academic, and/or behavioral needs through examining their own perceptions and instruction. IITs work in conjunction with school team academic and behavior data discussions, usually when staff cannot identify what a student or group of students needs to be successful. IITs promote collaboration and embedded professional learning among staff. Targeted supports are then implemented to address student needs.


  1. Students acquire the skills needed to achieve at least grade level outcomes and/or to display appropriate positive behavior.
  2. Teachers grow in their professional practice to better meet students’ needs.
  3. School teams and teachers work together to create opportunities to understand and address concerns within the classroom in a culturally responsive and equitable manner.

Alignment with HCPSS Strategic Plan

IIT supports the following outcomes of the HCPSS Strategic Plan:

  • Each and every student receives a high-quality education through access to
    individualized instruction, challenges, supports and opportunities.
  • All teachers and staff feel valued, are effective in their roles and have equitable access to additional opportunities through professional learning and leadership development.

Who Belongs to Instructional Intervention Teams (IITs)?

Administrators, educators, student services personnel and other resource staff in elementary and middle schools.

How does the process work?

Individual team members (case managers) collaboratively problem-solve with teachers who have requested assistance. Together they explore the student’s instructional match and ensure that the student is being provided an appropriate level of challenge. Interventions are then developed, implemented and evaluated.

If you have questions about IIT or suspect that your child would benefit from the problem-solving process, please contact your child’s teacher or the school psychologist at your child’s school. Obtain additional information about IIT by contacting Dr. Katie Burkhouse at 410 313-5677 or