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Support for Military Families

Howard County is home to a diverse community that includes active duty, guard, reserve, and veteran armed services members and their children, many of whom are students in the Howard County Public School System.

HCPSS ensures academic success and social-emotional well-being for our students in an inclusive and nurturing environment that closes opportunity gaps. We are committed to creating a welcoming and supportive environment and fostering strong bonds between schools, military service members and community organizations in order to support military-connected children and enhance the success of all students.

Also see 2023-2024 School Year for related information.

African American teenage boy stands behind his military mom, dressed in camo, and wraps his arms around her as they smile for the camera. She is holding a small American flag.

HCPSS Resources

    CALENDAR: Subscribe to, or download the HCPSS academic calendar.

    CONNECT: Access a variety of student information and classroom instructional tools.

    ENROLL: Register your child in HCPSS.

    IMPACT AID: Complete the annual Federal form that reimburses school districts for the lost revenue associated with the presence of nontaxable Federal property.

    SPECIAL EDUCATION: Learn how high-quality special education services are delivered in a consistent and collaborative manner.

    SUPPORTS: View HCPSS resources that support your child’s daily activities; health and safety; and social, emotional well-being.

    WITHDRAW: Complete the forms required to withdraw your child from their school and/or HCPSS.

    BLUEPRINT: The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future includes comprehensive changes to nearly every aspect of Maryland’s public education system. HCPSS submitted its Blueprint Local Implementation Plan to the Maryland State Department of Education, outlining how it will meet the requirements put forth by MSDE.

Additional Resources

Student & Family Support Services

  • Military OneSource: Programs and services to connect children and families with special needs to programs at the current base and where the family relocates.
  • Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC): Provides education, advocacy, and collaboration support for military-connected children to resolve education challenges associated with the military lifestyle.
  • MSDE Military Support Websites: Connection to recommended websites for military families from the Maryland State Department of Education.
  • Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3): Protects the rights of military children moving to new school districts and guarantees that students with special needs can continue to receive necessary treatment and services.

Community Connections & Support

These resources are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Howard County Public School System, but serve to extend resources for students and families.