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Child Development

Do you love to work with children? Do you want a career in which you can make a difference?

Child Development Academy students have the opportunity to conduct formal classroom observations, develop and deliver lesson plans, and participate in special events and activities with either an on-site or nearby child care or preschool facility. The Child Development Academy offers students the knowledge and skills needed to work in child care immediately after high school while preparing them to attend college for a degree in child development, education, psychology, social work or other related major. Students can earn a child care certificate, college credits, and even complete an internship during their senior year by working with children in a school, agency or business setting.


Child Development Academy students are advised to take at least two years of Spanish as preparation for working in diverse preschool and childhood development settings. In addition to enrolling in the 9th grade in Art I to satisfy the Fine Arts graduation requirement, Child Development students should pursue additional Fine Arts electives such as Introductory Dance, Musical Theatre, Stage Craft, Chorus/Concert Choir and Piano.


Although no specific courses are required as prerequisites, students should seek volunteer or paid experience working with young children as confirmation of their career academy choice.


During their field placement all Academy students will be encouraged to take the ParaPro, a nationally recognized examination required by the state of Maryland for employment as a highly qualified instructional assistant.

College Credit

Students who successfully complete the Child Development Academy program sequence, with a grade of B or higher in academy courses, may be eligible for credits at Howard Community College. To receive credit, students must enroll in one of the following: Associate in Arts; Associate of Arts in Teaching transfer degree programs in Early Childhood or Elementary Education; or certificate program in Early Childhood Development.

Successful Academy Students:

  • Maintain a C average in all academy coursework.
  • Complete a portfolio documenting academic and work-based skills and achievements.

Suggested Course Schedule

Below is a suggested high school course schedule for students interested in the Child Development Academy
Grade Level Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5 Course 6 Course 7
Ninth Grade English required Mathematics required Science required Social Studies required Fitness & Health required Technology Education required Fine Arts available
Tenth Grade English required Mathematics required Science required Social Studies required Elective available Food and Nutrition Technology 6510 Human Growth and Development - Honors 658M
Eleventh Grade English required Mathematics required Science required Social Studies required Elective available Elective available Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction
Twelfth Grade English required Mathematics required Elective available Elective available Elective available Elective available Field Experience in Education (Child Development Academy)