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Career Academies - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Career Academy?

A Career Academy provides an opportunity for a group of students to enroll in a specific set of courses associated with a designated career area. Each Career Academy has the following components:

  • A recommended sequence of courses.
  • A capstone project, a work site experience, a research project studying careers in the academy area, or some other experience in which students learn more about the career cluster with which the academy is affiliated.
  • A demonstrated need for employees within the Career Cluster.
  • An advisory board consisting of business leaders in the Career Cluster.
  • Adherence to specific rules established by the school system.

What are the benefits of joining a Career Academy?

Students participating in a Career Academy have a clear path for graduation. Each academy meets all graduation requirements and prepares students for post-secondary education and/or the world of work. While in the academy, students have an opportunity to participate in special activities and events that provide greater awareness of the specific career area and opportunities within that area. Academy participants will be part of a small group of students with similar interests completing courses together. An advisor and business mentor will be provided to answer questions and help each student as they complete their high school experience. Students completing the requirements for the academy will receive a certificate and student transcripts will also identify the student as an academy completer.

How do I enroll in a Career Academy?

To become a member of an academy, students will meet with their school counselor to discuss which academy best matches their college and career goals. Students can enroll during the high school course registration period. When completing the registration form for the upcoming school year, students will indicate the name of the Career Academy on the portion of the form that asks for their intended program choice. School counselors help students create a four-year plan so that they can successfully complete all requirements for the Career Academy.

Where are the Career Academies located?

Some academies are located in each local high school, while others are located at the Applications and Research Lab (ARL). If the Career Academy is located at each high school, all coursework will be taught there. Students who participate in an academy located at the ARL will complete all academic and prerequisite coursework at their local high school and will complete the junior and senior level academy courses at the ARL. Bus transportation will be provided daily to and from the ARL.