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Welcome to the Employees Section. You will find information and links to a variety of items related to the school system and your employment with us.

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Biweekly Payroll Schedule

If you are a 10-month employee currently being paid over 10 months and you decide to change your option to 12 months, the 1st payment for SY2012-13 will be Aug. 31, 2012. Your final payment for salary earned during SY2012-13 will be Aug. 30, 2013.

Additional Information

Generally the regulations state that an employee "separates from service" with the employer (HCPSS) if the employee retires, dies, or otherwise has a termination of employment with the employer. For our purposes separation from service also includes an employee going on an unpaid leave of absence and not intending to return within the current school year.

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