Bright Minds Teacher Grants Awarded

Fifteen teachers and staff will receive funding for innovative instructional projects this year through grants provided by the Bright Minds Foundation.

Congratulations Rachel Lin, Newly Elected SMOB

Dr. Foose extends her congratulations to Rachel Lin who has been elected the new Student Member of the Board for the 2015–2016 school year.

HCPSS wins National Green Ribbon District Award

The award recognizes districts that save energy, reduce costs, feature sustainable learning spaces, protect health, foster wellness, and offer environmental education.

Maryland Masters Student Exhibition

Three students from HCPSS received the Maryland Masters Award from Comptroller Peter Fanchot.

Vision 2018

Fulfilling the Promise of Preparation


  • 76 schools
  • 51,681 students
  • 8,084 staff

93% of all HCPSS Students graduate.

85% of all HCPSS Students attend college after graduating.