Update Your Child’s Emergency Contact Information on HCPSS Connect

To prepare for the first day of school, please log in to HCPSS Connect and select the Family File tab to review and, if needed, update your child’s emergency contact information. This must be completed each school year.

2016 Community Youth Summit To Be Held Sept. 24

All middle and high school students and their parents are invited to a youth summit, “I+You=We Matter,” hosted by Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and HCPSS. Details are available online.

Board of Education Adjusts 2016-2017 Meeting Schedule

The Howard County Board of Education has adjusted its meeting schedule to increase efficiency and reduce fiscal impacts.

Get Ready for Back to School

Summer is almost over, and our students and families are getting ready to head back to school. We have the information that you need to know.

Let’s Rethink Lunch: A Pilot Program of HCPSS

Last spring, we launched the pilot program at Bollman Bridge, Laurel Woods and Talbott Springs elementary schools. This year, we start the second stage of the pilot: a new lunch menu for the three schools.


Quick Statistics About HCPSS Schools & Students

  • 76 schools
  • 54,870 students
  • 8,136 staff

93% of all HCPSS Students graduate.

85% of all HCPSS Students attend college after graduating.