Congratulations, Class of 2016!

On the Superintendent’s Corner, Dr. Foose wishes the Class of 2016 well, and provides words of encouragement as the students move forward.

Congratulations to the Cedar Lane Class of 2016!

Watch seniors from Cedar Lane School graduate live today or on demand after the ceremonies.

Jenny Geilfuss, Health Education Teacher, Lake Elkhorn Middle School

In her second year teaching Health Education Geilfuss is already an HCPSS model teacher for health instruction.

Howard County School Launches Innovative Classroom Design Project to Increase Engagement, Enhance Student Learning

The redesigned of a mathematics classroom has begun to increase collaboration as a lever for accelerating learning at Bonnie Branch Middle School.

Connecting Students in Canvas

Leadership students from River Hill High School leveraged Canvas, the new learning management system, to help improve communication among staff, students and administration.

What Volunteering Has Given Me

In a Superintendent’s Corner guest blog, Glenelg High School student and Howard County Youth Volunteer of the Year Martin Wang writes about how volunteering has positively impacted his life.

High School Commencements

Congratulations to the Class of 2016


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