Howard County Summer Camp Students Demonstrate Drone Building and Flying Skills

Students learned about drone components, basic flying skills, safety, commercial applications, as well as exploring potential future careers.

Staff Focus

Our Staff Focus feature online highlights various staff representing a wide variety of jobs. Take a look back at these fantastic staff members and learn more about the school system.

Grow Strong Middle Schools

The model empowers staff and students to focus on their strengths to promote higher levels of academic achievement, hope, engagement and well-being.

2016-2017 Student and Parent Handbook Available Online

The handbook provides a wealth of information about school system policies, practices and services available to support and enrich learning.

School Supply Lists

Elementary and middle school supply lists for the upcoming 2016-17 school year have been updated on our website.


Quick Statistics About HCPSS Schools & Students

  • 76 schools
  • 54,870 students
  • 8,136 staff

93% of all HCPSS Students graduate.

85% of all HCPSS Students attend college after graduating.