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School Visitation

2021-2022 School Year

The following groups are required to show proof of full vaccination at least five school days in advance:

  • Volunteers and chaperones who interact with students
  • Parents/guardians who conduct classroom observations
  • HCPSS students who attend a field trip or volunteer at a different school during the school day. (Does not apply to HCPSS students going to another school as part of their academic schedule.)
  • Professional individuals or groups who come into the school during the school day to provide enhancements and support to instruction such as musical performers and guest speakers.

Details on volunteer/observer vaccine requirements are available online.

Visitors are not permitted to attend events that occur indoors or outdoors during the school day in an effort to limit interaction with students in the school building.

School Visitation Form (PDF)

The Howard County Public School System welcomes visitors to our schools. To limit interruptions and distractions to teaching and learning, and to maximize safety for all:

  • Anyone wishing to visit a school is asked to contact school administration or the appropriate staff member to establish a convenient time for both the visitor and the school.
  • The school will arrange for an escort for the visitor.
  • To avoid interrupting instruction, no students are allowed to shadow HCPSS students.
  • Understandably, interactions between visitors and school staff and students will be limited.
  • If a follow-up meeting with school staff is desired, the visitor will schedule it for a mutually convenient time.

Safety Protocols for Visitors

Please be aware of the following procedures for any visitor to a school/office:

  • The front door is the only entrance point for all visitors.
  • Please ring the bell and look into the camera.
  • Be prepared to state your name and purpose for visiting.
  • All visitors must walk directly into the front office with a valid photo I.D. and sign in using our LobbyGuard system.
  • A visitor’s sticker will be given to visitors following the above procedures and must be worn and prominently visible.
  • Any visitor in the school without a visitor sticker will be escorted directly to the front office by a staff member.

In some cases, it may be more convenient for a prospective visitor to acquire information in other ways. The following may be helpful:

  • Information about the Howard County Public School System is available on the HCPSS website and the HCPSS News site.
  • Visit our Schools page to find school locators (attendance areas), school profiles, bus stops and much more.