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Hammond High School Renovation and Addition Project

Project Summary and Renovation History

The existing Hammond High School facility opened in 1976 as a one-story building serving ninth through twelfth grades. The school has had two additions in 1996 and 2011 with a minor renovation in 1998 and various maintenance project upgrades. The existing facility is 197,023 gross square feet.

Current Project

The renovation and addition project will address programmatic and systemic deficiencies of the existing building and existing site circulation. Upon completion, the 235,297 gross square feet school will include a 200 seat capacity increase. The additional seats will be accomplished through a complete renovation of existing building and a two-story addition at the front of the building. The front addition will provide new building frontage for the school along Guilford Road. The front of the site will also be revised to further separate bus loop and the vehicular traffic to promote a safer circulation and to help address traffic issues.

A continuing emphasis on energy efficient systems and sustainability are incorporated into the design. It is the intent that the design and construction of the building achieve another LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ‘Certified’ designation.


Schematic Design Stage

Design Development Stage

Construction Documents Stage

Construction Start – April 2020

Construction Completion – December 2023