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Family and Community Resources

These resources have been created to provide parents with support in elementary content areas. From the links below, select the yellow Course Navigation bar in the upper righthand corner to select a content area.

HCPSS Digital Tools

All students have access to their school’s digital MackinVIA eBook and audiobook collection all summer long by logging in through Elementary students have access to Dreambox and Lexia Core5. During the summer, students are not required to work with either platform and progress will not be monitored by teachers. We encourage parents to limit use to no more than 15-20 minutes per day.

Reading with Lexia Core5

Lexia Core5 is an adaptive, engaging computer-based learning program. The activities in Lexia Core5 support and build on reading standards and focus on developing reading skills in six areas: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Math with Dreambox

DreamBox Learning is a highly adaptive, individualized learning program that combines an engaging math learning environment with a rigorous, standards-based curriculum. It meets the educational needs of each individual learner, adjusting and re-adjusting in the moment to ensure students have the right level of support and rigor through lessons that promote active learning and independent critical thinking.

Academic Enrichment Activities

Free Academic Enrichment Courses

  • Howard County Library Online Classes – Classes in Language, Computer Skills, Art, Music, Test Prep classes and more are accessible for free through the Howard County Library System.
    Audience: All

    • Note: Some classes require the entry of library card by logging in to the HCLS website with your library card and PIN. Information on how to request a library card is available online.

Academic Enrichment Camps:

  • Camp PBS KIDS for Parents – Summer activity guides.
    Audience: PreK–5

  • Camp Wonderopolis – Free online summer learning with STEM and literacy building activities.
    Audience: All

  • Wide Open School – Online activities, DIY projects, art, science, fitness and more
    Audience: Pre-K-Grade 12

Free Academic and Personal Enrichment Activities:

Art and Music

Birth to 5


  • Book Share – Online books for students with a print disability that severely inhibits or prevents reading traditional print materials.
    Audience: All

  • Reading Bear – Beginning reading skills.
    Audience: PreK-1

  • Read Theory – Short reading comprehension activities.
    Audience: Upper Elementary – Middle

  • Open Library – Free online books.
    Audience: All

  • Reading Rockets Start with a Book – Themed books and activities for summer reading and learning.
    Audience: PreK-5


  • HCPSS Family Math Support Center – Refresh or build deeper understanding of math concepts, skills, and practices; provides additional support and practice opportunities for students.
    Audience: K-12

  • FreckleMath – Practice activities for mathematics topics.
    Audience: K-9

  • – Videos of math concepts explained with self-checking practice opportunities.
    Audience: K-12

Mindfulness and Self-Care

Physical Education & Health

  • Columbia Association Free Fitness Videos – Free fitness videos are available here to get or stay in shape sponsored by the Columbia Association.
    Audience: Middle and High School, Elementary with guidance

  • – Type in a location and find hiking trails.
    Audience: All

  • Kids Health – Learning resources about the body and exercise.
    Audience: Elementary and Middle School

  • Family Go Noodle – Follow along videos that promote movement.
    Audience: PreK-5

Science and Nature

  • San Diego Zoo – Learn about the animal exhibits and watch live web cams.
    Audience: All

  • Glazer Children’s Museum – Online activities and learning resources for art, math, science, physical activity and more.
    Audience: Elementary

  • Bozeman Science – Videos that explain various science concepts.
    Audience: Middle and High School

  • American Museum of Natural History – Science activities, games and resources.
    Audience: Elementary and Middle School

  • Space Place – Games and activities for learning about space science.
    Audience: Elementary and Middle School

  • Public Broadcasting Systems Nova Labs – Videos and games about NOVA exploration and discovery projects.
    Audience: Secondary

Social Studies

  • Google Arts and Culture – A collection of images and virtual field trips of art, history, geography, culture and science.
    Audience: Secondary

  • Smarthistory – Resources and self-paced “courses” that explore art and history.
    Audience: High School

Virtual Field Trips

  • Aquarium: National Aquarium in Baltimore – Virtually walk around the museum and catch the sights.
    Audience: All

  • Google Earth Explore – Visit places around the world and learn about how people live in various environments.

Volunteer and Activism Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities for Youth and Families

Audience: Secondary and Families

Additional Volunteer Opportunities: Many Howard County nonprofits welcome student volunteers. To ensure the volunteers are a good match for the organizations, it is best that the students research and then select nonprofits with a mission that they support.

  • Columbia Community Cares – A Facebook network of neighbors serving neighbors in Howard County.

  • Rainbow PrideCast Podcast– Proud to highlight members and student voices of the LGBTQIA+ community in Maryland and beyond. Produced by Hammond High School.
  • Hopeworks Youth Leadership Project– a service-learning program dedicated to empowering teens to challenge systems of oppression and prevent relationship violence in their community. Audience: Secondary

Activism and Taking Action

Audience: Secondary and Families

  • NAACP Youth Council develops young civil rights and community leaders by engaging youth in leadership roles and positive community activism in Howard County.