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Continuity of Learning – High School

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The continuity of learning plan for high school students focuses on delivering learning objectives in a variety of ways, leveraging the tools and resources that students and families have available and accounting for the supports they require. It does not seek to replicate the classroom experience as courses and content will not be taught live at a certain time on a particular day. Rather, teachers provide course or grade-specific work that can be completed independently, guide students through a variety of learning experiences, and provide opportunities for students to ask questions and engage with the teacher remotely during scheduled online sessions.

Attendance During 2019-2020 COL | Español | 中文 | 한국어

Grading Procedures for Final Grades

A typical week for a high school student:

On Monday mornings, students will log into Canvas and receive their weekly assignments for all instructional areas.

Throughout the remainder of the week, students will have important opportunities for live virtual check-ins with teachers.

The majority of each day will be designated as time for students to complete assignments.

Assignments will be turned in for feedback on Fridays.

Teachers will communicate their specific schedules to students and families. The HCPSS distance learning model for secondary students will consist of two components:

90 minutes to two hours of learning activities per course for students to complete independently

Weekly virtual class check-ins via Google Meet.