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Instructional Mentoring Program

Novice teachers, new to the profession, are carefully matched with mentors early in the school year to ensure they receive consistent support throughout their first year of teaching. The Instructional Mentoring Program is one component of the HCPSS Comprehensive Teacher Induction Program and is aligned with COMAR 13.A.07.01.


Instructional Mentors are designated central office and school-based staff who engage in ongoing professional learning opportunities and use research-based resources to develop beginning teacher effectiveness, improve teacher retention, strengthen teacher leadership, and increase student learning. They build relationships, through coaching, modeling, and mentoring that results in continuous improvement, maximizes teacher and student potential, and positively impacts teacher practice. They provide learning opportunities that inspire teachers to engage students in high quality educational experiences that empower them to become lifelong learners and enable every student to navigate the world in the 21st century and beyond. Mentors strive for new teachers to develop a strong sense of resilience to challenges and strong reflective practices. They support passionate, inspired teachers in finding the “Greatness” in each child!

Supports for New Teachers

Instructional Mentors interface with new teachers regularly throughout the school year and focus specifically on the needs of the new teacher. Critical feedback is shared using the Consult-Collaborate-Coach Continuum after observing instruction and student learning, collecting observation data around the components of the Danielson Framework for Teaching, or assisting in the planning and delivery of instruction. We believe focusing on new teacher instruction and classroom practices leads to effective teaching, which results in improved student learning.

Supports for Mentors

Collaboration is a key component in improvement of practice. For this reason, all instructional mentors meet three times per year to engage in high quality professional learning experiences that allow them to hone skills, share best practices, and reflect on their mentoring practice using the skills that they work to develop in new teachers. Information and resources are shared through a vibrant Canvas Community.

Contact Info

Juliann Dibble, Director, Teacher and Paraprofessional Development & Support