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Comprehensive Teacher Induction Program

The Howard County Public School System is committed to the success of non-tenured certificated staff. Professional learning and supports for non-tenured teachers are designed to provide opportunities for growth within the HCPSS Framework for Teacher Evaluation. Non-tenured staff are supported by site-based colleagues and Central Office program staff.

We believe that a strong contributing factor to the success of a new teacher is having support aligned with new teacher needs. The HCPSS Comprehensive Teacher Induction Program is grounded in the Induction Program Standards developed by the New Teacher Center and addresses the requirements of COMAR 13A.07.01.

Program Goals

As we welcome, support and develop our new teachers our goals focus on:

  • Creating classrooms where diversity, equity and inclusion are valued
  • Enhancing teacher performance
  • Improving classroom instruction
  • Accelerating student learning
  • Increasing teacher retention rates
  • Creating collaborative school cultures

Program Components

New Teacher Orientation

Each August, the HCPSS hosts New Teacher Orientation (NTO) that marks the beginning of the Teacher Induction Process for newly hired, certificated staff. New hires receive curriculum resources, develop relationships with program staff, and engage in professional learning to prepare them for the start of the school year.

Instructional Mentoring Program

Novice teachers receive support throughout their first year of teaching from central office or school-based staff who are assigned to them as instructional mentors. Instructional mentors provide support for the four domains of the 2013 Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching: Planning and Preparation, The Classroom Environment, Instruction and Professional Responsibilities. Their support also includes non-evaluative classroom observations and feedback throughout the year that target the needs of the new teacher. This focus on instruction leads to effective teaching, resulting in improved student learning.

Teacher Development Liaisons

Every school in Howard County has an identified teacher leader known as the Teacher Development Liaison (TDL, who is a Master Teacher). The role of this master teacher is to provide ongoing, school-based professional learning opportunities and support for all non-tenured staff aligned with best practices for instruction and the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching.

Professional Learning Sessions

Teacher Development Liaisons coordinate school-based professional learning targeted to the needs of newly hired staff. Additionally, curricular program staff design and deliver sessions for new teachers throughout the year.

Each semester, seminars and courses targeting non-tenured teachers are offered through the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. Staff may choose from a variety of offerings delivered in face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats.

Program Contacts:

Juliann Dibble, Director, Teacher and Paraprofessional Development

Corinne Gorzo, Coordinator, Teacher and Paraprofessional Development