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Special Education Family Involvement, Supports and Resources

Parental Involvement

As a parent/caregiver of a child with a special need, you bring a personal, medical, and educational understanding of your child as a whole, unique, and valuable human being.

Persons working with your student for a few hours a day or even over the course of a few years cannot know them as you and the family do. That is why the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2004 stresses the role of parents in the IEP process.

We hope you’ll reach out to the Family Support & Resource Center with your questions.

Family Support & Resource Center

The Family Support and Resource Center is designed to help families of children with special needs. Services include workshops, IEP assistance, IFSP assistance, newsletters, a lending library, facilitation of parent support groups, and community resources and service referrals.

The center is open during the school year, Monday through Friday, and over the summer by appointment.

To reach the Family Support and Resource Center, email or call 410 313–7161.

Special Education Parent and Guardian Calendar

Events include parent support groups, sensory-friendly events, online discussions, and local conferences.

View the Special Education Parent and Guardian Calendar →

Behavior Talks

Behavior Talks is a series of brief trainings created by HCPSS staff. Each video shares useful tips to promote student success related to behavior, social/emotional needs, organization/self-management at home, and more.

Videos are provided with enhanced and accessible transcripts.

View the Behavior Talks video series →

Staff Contacts

Access the complete list of Special Education staff contacts →