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Prekindergarten Program

The HCPSS prekindergarten program is a high-quality, half-day prekindergarten program. Students must be four years old by September 1, 2021 to be considered for enrollment in fall 2021. The comprehensive curriculum taught by certified staff supports early learning and school readiness and provides experiences that foster children’s academic, social, emotional and physical development.

Is my child eligible for the program?

Students must be four years old by September 1.

The Maryland State Department of Education requires that the pre-K program be made available first to students who meet first priority criteria: income eligible, homelessness and foster care.

At this time, families that qualify for first priority criteria are placed first into pre-K and second priority applicants are placed on the waitlist. The Office of Early Childhood Programs will monitor countywide enrollment trends and space availability at pre-K sites to determine if the second priority criteria applicants can be considered for placement into pre-K.

How do I apply?

Parent(s)/guardian(s) of prospective pre-K students may submit their pre-K application using one of the following options.

Option 1

  1. Parent(s)/guardian(s) submit a pre-K application via email or USPS for decision based on eligibility guidelines.
  2. If accepted, parent(s)/guardian(s) can begin the enrollment process online and upload their program acceptance letter as proof of income.

Option 2

  1. Parent(s)/guardian(s) begin the Online Registration Process.
  2. Once parent(s)/guardian(s) submit their information and documentation through the online portal, their information goes into the school queue to determine if students meet first priority criteria.

Where will my child be enrolled?

HCPSS pre-K programs are only located at selected school sites. A pre-K student will attend the school to which s/he is assigned. The student will then attend kindergarten at his/her regularly designated school regardless of where s/he attended pre-K.

Talbott Springs Preschool Program

Launched in Summer 2021, this pilot half-day (2.5 hour) program serves eligible three-year-old children who live in the Talbott Springs and Stevens Forest attendance areas. The program, which runs four days a week, is co-taught by certified staff, including both general and special educators.

Health Documentation

If approved for the program, parents of prospective prekindergarten students have to complete all health documentation requirements for their student.

This includes a physical, evidence of immunizations and evidence of blood lead testing. Students should have a lead test before enrolling in a prekindergarten program.

Fill out health forms and find out more about health services →

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  • Office of Early Childhood Programs, 410-313-5693

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