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Community Schools

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Community schools serve as hubs that promote positive, equitable outcomes by connecting students, families, and school communities with local supports and resources to help them thrive. Community schools address the whole child and leverage partnerships that promote student achievement, positive learning conditions and student well-being through additional services like academic and language supports, nutrition supports, as well as behavioral and general health care that go beyond traditional classroom education.

Community schools implement six key practices:

  • Powerful student and family engagement.
  • Collaborative leadership and shared power and voice.
  • Expanded and enriched learning opportunities.
  • Rigorous, community-connected classroom instruction.
  • Culture of belonging, safety, and care.
  • Integrated systems of support.

HCPSS’ community schools will be funded through the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, a law mandating the use of programs and innovative approaches to eradicate achievement gaps and ensure opportunity for every student and the Maryland Leads Initiative from the Maryland State Department of Education.

HCPSS has designated the following as community schools for the 2023-24 school year:

Programs and Services

Because students’ and families’ needs vary by community, the services provided at individual community schools vary as well. Depending on the needs of a given community, community schools can provide services such as:

  • Extended learning time
  • Extended school year
  • Safe transportation to and from school
  • Vision and dental services
  • Expanded school-based health center services
  • Additional social workers, counselors, and psychologists
  • Additional mentors and restorative practice coaches
  • Healthy food in-school and out-of-school
  • Access to mental health practitioners


For more information about HCPSS’ community schools, please contact