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Managing Allergies at School

Ordering an EpiPen

EpiPen order form

Students with allergic reactions that require the use of an Epinephrine Auto-Injector (EpiPen) can have a dose stored for them in the health room with a physician order. The oral medication section of the EpiPen order form should only be filled out if a student needs an oral medication in conjunction with an EpiPen dosage.

Parents must provide the EpiPens for storage in the health room. Schools do not provide EpiPens for individual students. The order form should be filled out by the family physician to ensure the school understands the nature of the student’s allergies and what triggers a severe enough reaction to warrant the use of an EpiPen.

From the FDA: FDA alerts patients and health care professionals of EpiPen auto-injector errors related to device malfunctions and user administration

Oral Medications

Only want an oral medication on file?

The medication order form should be submitted for students who need an over-the-counter medication such as Zyrtec, Claritin, or Benadryl, administered for less severe allergy symptoms. Learn more about medications →

Food Allergies

Students with known food allergies (shellfish, tree nuts, gluten, lactose, etc.) need to have a formal notice of their allergies written up by a family physician and submitted to the school nurse. Students who would still like to purchase food from the cafeteria can have accommodations made that are suited to their allergies.

Learn more about food served in HCPSS cafeterias →

Didn’t know your student had a severe allergy?

If a student has a severe reaction in school to an allergen that was previously unknown, there is an extra EpiPen available at all schools for emergency use.

Questions about allergy procedures? Contact the health staff at your child’s school or the HCPSS Health Services Office at 410-313-6812.