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Managing Diabetes at School

Before every new school year, parents must submit a new diabetes management form after July 1st.

The student’s physician must complete the form outlining procedures required during the school day for the student’s diabetic condition. The insulin order section of the form should only be filled out if insulin administration is needed at school. Additionally, there is a supplemental form for students who need to use insulin pumps.

The health room is where the student will be able to manage their diabetes, take insulin, or test their glucose levels under the supervision of the school nurse. Nurses have been trained on how to care for students with diabetes and are responsible for the storage of all student-related diabetes management supplies.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Parents should determine in the form when a student’s blood glucose needs to be tested. Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia action plans should be explained in the form if applicable, along with a meal and exercise plan for school staff to follow.

Replenishing Supplies or Medication Changes

Parents are required to provide the school with all necessary supplies/equipment, including medication refills and snacks. Snacks can be kept in the classroom for maintaining blood sugar levels. All snacks must be supplied by the parent in a plastic container and will be kept by the teacher for emergency use. Glucose tabs require a medication order form and will be kept in the health room.

Changes in the student’s diabetes management plan or primary health care provider’s contact information should be reflected in a new form and re-submitted to the school nurse.

Student Self-Performing Procedures

A family physician must verify in the diabetes management form if a student can self-perform blood glucose monitoring, measure their insulin, inject insulin, operate their own insulin pump, or determine their own insulin dose. The school nurse and parent must verify the student’s competency in self-performing any diabetic procedure.

Field Trips

Students with a diabetes management plan should indicate the appropriate procedures for when they are attending a school-sponsored field trip in the field trip packet.

Parents should meet with a school nurse in advance to find out how to coordinate a student’s diabetes management schedule with the field trip’s schedule.

Questions about managing diabetes at school? Contact the health staff at your child’s school or the HCPSS Health Services Office at 410-313-6812.