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Special Education Program Vision

Vision: A collaborative community that maximizes the experiences of all learners, birth through age 21.

  • Everyone is united in a common commitment to ensuring success for each child
  • Children have access to general education curriculum with rigorous expectations and standards to create a better future for themselves and others
  • There is a shared understanding among all staff, students, children and families of expectations, roles, and responsibilities
  • Everyone works together to set and achieve the highest possible standards, both academic and behavioral, and to be accountable for data-driven results
  • Special education processes are participant friendly, culturally responsive and collaborative with a focus on the strengths and needs of the student / child.
  • Parents, students and children are heard and understood, and their input is valued
  • All staff are valued, as professionals, for their knowledge, experience, and competence
  • A comprehensive range of instructional and related services, supports and resources are provided to schools, staff, students, children and families to meet the assessed needs of students and children
  • Staff and families are supported and best practices are promoted through comprehensive professional learning and family training opportunities
  • Services are coordinated with community resources to support students, children and their families.