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Talk With Me

Your baby’s brain grows with every interaction you have together.

From the earliest moments when you repeat your baby’s sounds back to her or tell him how much he is loved, your baby is making important connections. Children who have parents talking with them are put on a path towards better development.

We know that babies communicate for a reason. We know that responding to your baby’s cries, needs, and preferences in a positive way teaches your baby to communicate. We also know that having a rich interactive relationship with your child lays a foundation for good mental health. Whether you speak in English, or in your heritage language, or in a combination of languages, all languages help your child to develop.

As you change your tone of voice and adjust your touch to soothe, stimulate, and hold your baby’s attention, you begin a conversation that prepares your baby for lifelong learning.

For additional information or questions, visit The Basics Howard County.

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Tune In

  • Turn off your device and be present
  • Watch for your child’s cues and interests
  • Observe what your child is doing
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  • Adjust your responses to suit YOUR baby by varying your voice, behavior, language, and activity
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  • Listen to your baby’s sounds and attempts to communicate
  • Look for opportunities to start a conversation
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Kiss and Cuddle

  • Face to face communication is the most powerful
  • Remember: Touch is a silent language
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  • Give your child time to respond
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  • Repeating your child’s sounds,words, and actions, and letting them repeat after you is one of the most important tools for simple language learning
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Take Turns

  • Have a back & forth interaction at every stage of your baby’s life
  • Use sounds, babbling, words, and sentences, changing as your baby grows
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Have fun

  • Sing simple songs and rhymes
  • Be silly, playful, and positive
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Meaningful Moments

  • Talking can happen at ANY time of day
  • Eating, bathing, car rides, shopping, waiting rooms, etc.
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Every Day!

  • Every family, every child, every language, every day

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