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Applying for Early Admission to Kindergarten

Kindergarten early admission is based on rigorous academic standards

The State of Maryland has determined that five years of age is an appropriate age to begin kindergarten. In many cases, children admitted early to school will be working in a setting with older children. To develop a positive perspective about the school experience, children should feel comfortable, competent, and confident as they learn in the classroom setting. Therefore, only children who meet rigorous admission standards will be accepted early into the kindergarten program.
Early Admission to Kindergarten for SY 2020-2021 is now closed. Updates for the 2021-2022 Early Admission to Kindergarten process will be posted on February 1, 2021.

Testing Requirement

One testing date will be assigned to each applicant. Rescheduling of the testing date will only occur for uncontrollable circumstances (i.e., illness). The date, time, and location of the individualized testing will be mailed to parents/guardians; please allow 5-7 business days to receive the letter with individualized testing details. Children do not need any type of special preparation for the test. Children who already possess the needed skills will have an opportunity to show them during the assessment. We recommend making sure your child gets a good night of sleep before the testing appointment and has a meal or a snack as appropriate. The testing results, along with the other application information, will be used to determine early admission to school.

Early Admission Factors

The testing results and a child’s prior performance and experience are important to consider as decisions are being made. However, a child’s actual performance in the school’s classroom setting is a necessary part of determining if early admission is in the child’s best interest. Therefore, if a child is admitted to school, the teacher will closely monitor the child’s progress for the first month (30 calendar days) of school. The teacher’s observations of the child’s classroom performance during the trial period serve as the final assessment of the child’s readiness for the program.

Admission Disclaimer

Early admission does not guarantee that the child will be promoted to the next grade. Decisions regarding promotion of early admission kindergartners to first grade will be based on performance during the kindergarten year. Applicants denied early admission to kindergarten will not automatically be placed in HCPSS Pre-K.

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