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Student-Athlete Letter of Interest Guidelines – NCAA Participation


A college coach needs to know your academic ability and athletic level. Your letter/email should include this information if you want to receive a realistic response from a coach. Send the letters during your sophomore year or early in your junior year. Get on the coaches’ recruiting lists early. You can send the same letter/email to the coaches at all of the colleges that seem like a good fit for you academically and athletically. Be sure to make the appropriate changes in each letter/email to reflect the correct college and coach name.

Sample Documents:

Suggested items to include:

  • Personal data (name, phone number, address, email, birth date, year in school, name of high school)
  • Self-report test scores (PSAT, ACT, SAT, SAT II’s, AP scores if you have them)
  • GPA and class rank (if early in your senior year; not available before that)
  • Athletic abilities (events, times, positions, years of experience, stats, etc.)
  • Goals, potential major and aspirations
  • Current high school team & Club team, coach’s name and phone number ­height & weight (optional, depends on sport)
  • Interest in scholarship (later in the process, after you’ve already had some contact with the school)
  • Recognition received (academic and athletic)
  • If parent or relative is an alumnus/alumna
  • Other sports you currently compete in and the level at which you play
  • Attach a resume and an upcoming competition/summer schedule