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Questions to Ask – NCAA Participation

Questions to Ask a Recruiter

  • What is your relationship to the school? Are you the head coach, assistant coach, an alumnus, or an admission representative? (Assurances carry different weight depending on who they come from.)
  • At what level does your sport compete? Learn more about different competition levels.
  • What are my chances of getting into your school on my own? If I cannot get in on my own, can you help me gain admission to your school? If you can help me gain admission, exactly what do I have to do to make this happen? (i.e., at least 1100 on the SAT or 23 on the ACT; at least a 3.0 in academic subjects; two solid letters of recommendations)
  • How many athletes were kept on scholarship after their eligibility had expired?
  • What is expected of players during the off-season?
  • Ask for details about athletic scholarships. Typically, athletic scholarships (or grants, as they are sometimes called) are for one year, renewable at the coach’s discretion. If you get benched, do you have to start paying your own way?

Questions to Ask your Recruiting Coach


  • How does traveling work during the season (how are you excused from classes and how do mostprofessors take to athletes here?)
  • Are there mandated study halls for freshman year and who oversees the study hall?
  • How does the team do academically and what are some of the more popular majors?
  • What do you expect from your players? (e.g., time commitment, behavior, appearance, etc.)


  • Why do you think your program would be a good fit for me? (i.e. coaching style, physical demands, offensive/defensive coaching philosophy, chance to play/compete).
  • When are practices typically scheduled?
  • Does the team come back from breaks early?
  • Are there positional coaches for the position you play?
  • Does the team have a dedicated field or practice area?
  • How many people do you plan to recruit for this class and in each position?
  • Ask about the typical hours in week dedicated to practice, lifting, conditioning, film, meetings etc. for both out of season and in‐season.
  • Ask about how you will fit in the offensive/defensive system?
  • Will you be redshirted?
  • Is athletic aid renewable each year?
  • How many athletes were kept on scholarship after their eligibility had expired? What is the college’s graduation rate for athletes?

Questions to Ask of Other Players at the School

  • What does your typical daily schedule look like? In-season? Off-season?
  • How rigorous is your travel schedule?
  • Approximately how many hours a night do you study?
  • How do you like the living arrangements?
  • What assistance is available if you have academic problems?
  • Were changes made to any promises once you committed/enrolled? Is the program what you expected based on your recruiting experience?

Questions to Ask School Officials/Admission Officers

  • What are the different graduation rates for athletes? In your sport?
  • How long does it take someone in your sport to earn a degree from this school?
  • What is the placement rate and average starting salary for graduates in your field of study?
  • What financial aid is available?

General Questions

  • Where will you live and how are roommates selected?
  • How close are the seniors and freshman?
  • Can you join a Fraternity/Sorority or participate in outside activities?
  • How do most people get around campus/are cars allowed freshman year for athletes?
  • How well attended are athletic games and can you get free tickets as an athlete?
  • What are your goals for this program?
  • Where do you see me fitting into your team?