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HCPSS Strategic Call to Action

Learning and Leading With Equity

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Howard County, Maryland is a suburban community of more than 323,000 situated midway along the Baltimore-Washington corridor. It is a county of contrasts — a blend of old and new, urban and rural, historical and progressive. The county’s borders encompass Ellicott City, one of the country’s oldest towns, and Columbia, a planned community conceived and designed 50 years ago by The Rouse Company.

A great community deserves great schools, and the Howard County Public School System is a recognized source of local pride. The school system consistently ranks among Maryland’s top school districts based on student performance on state assessments. Howard County students score above the national averages on standardized tests.

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Every student and staff member embraces diversity and possesses the skills, knowledge and confidence to positively influence the larger community.


HCPSS ensures academic success and social-emotional well-being for each student in an inclusive and nurturing environment that closes opportunity gaps.

Four Overarching Commitments:

Additional Information

77 Schools

Total Enrollment – 58,868*

*Official count from September 30, 2019

Race/Ethnicity FY19

Students Receiving Special Services FY19

Attendance Rate FY19

Gifted and Talented Program FY19

Percentage of students who have participated in a wide variety of Gifted and Talented Education Program offerings:

Graduation Rate FY19: 92.0%*

*4-year adjusted cohort

Class of 2019

Per Pupil Expenditure FY20

Operating Budget FY20

Capital Budget FY20

Our Staff*

*October 2018-October 2019

Staff Diversity*

*Proportion representing minority groups for the time period of 10/16/18-10/15/19

Our Classrooms

Class Size Targets

Classrooms with internet access: 100%