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Capital Budget

Capital Budget Overview

The school system’s capital budget funds the construction of new school facilities and provides for renovations, additions, roofing and barrier-free projects, technology equalization, and the purchase or relocation of portable classrooms for existing facilities. The budget document includes a capital budget for the upcoming fiscal year, a five-year capital improvement program, and a ten-year long-range master plan. Financing for capital projects comes primarily from three sources: local bonds, local transfer tax and state school construction funds.

FY2019 Board of Education’s Approved Capital Budget

FY2019 Board of Education’s Approved Capital Budget
Published: May 2018. 5 pages.

FY2019 Proposed Capital Budget

FY2019 Superintendent Proposed Capital Budget
Published: September 2017. 123 pages

Talbott Springs Elementary School Project Plan

Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Capital Budget Process

The capital budget process, detailed within the Executive Summary, links capital planning with attendance area planning and addresses long-range planning issues identified in the annual feasibility study. Presented to the Board of Education on June 22, 2017, the Feasibility Study provided new enrollment projections and proposed future redistricting.

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