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FY19 Operating Budget

Download the FY2019 Approved Budget Document – Revised (44 MB)

Budget Detail – Revised (Excel Spreadsheet)

Budget Numbers at a Glance

  • Total: $861.9 million, or approximately $17.0 million above Maintenance of Effort, which is the minimum level of funding required by state law.
  • Funding Sources:The budget represents $600.1 million in county funding, $249.3 million from the state, and $12.6 million from federal and other sources.

The budget includes

  • $5.6 million in additional county funding to maintain class sizes at current levels, which represented the Board’s top priority for any additional funding appropriations;
  • $110 thousand for an additional position in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion;
  • funding for negotiated salary increases and employee benefits;
  • full funds for the Health Fund for the first time in ten years. HCPSS will work with County and State partners to develop a multi-year plan to address the projected $50.5 million deficit in the Health Fund for prior year health care costs.

Interim Superintendent’s Proposed FY 2019 Operating Budget

The Interim Superintendent’s Proposed FY 2019 Operating Budget is guided by the Strategic Call to Action: Learning and Leading with Equity, and sets forth a roadmap for educating, nurturing and providing the best start in life for the 57,000 children in our school system, while caring for the staff members who are entrusted with our students’ care. The Board of Education will review the proposed budget and finalize its request, which then is sent to the Howard County Executive and the Howard County Council.

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