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Cultural Proficiency: Supporting Every Student

Cultural Proficiency is a process and framework that engages a person to become aware of their assumptions, bias, beliefs, and values, in order to better serve the students they work with.

Addressing Cultural Proficiency in Mental Health Care

HCPSS values the inside out approach to creating inclusive and welcoming environments. A student who feels connected to adults and peers in their school is more likely to have healthy outcomes and is more likely to ask for help when they are experiencing mental health issues.

Cultural Competence are the standards for practice. HCPSS Student Services adheres to professional standards for cultural competence in their discipline. In addition, student services staff have engaged on the journey to cultural proficiency through professional development, leadership, and collaboration with the Office of Cultural Proficiency.

Finding a provider that your child can form a positive relationship with is important to successful intervention. Gender, age, ethnic, racial, religious, language, and other various differences can play a factor in forming relationships. When looking for a provider for your child you can also consider those aspects of difference, when looking for a good fit for your child’s support.

Accessing Culturally Proficient Mental Health Resources

Finding a Culturally Competent Mental Health Provider – NAMI

Local Resources:

National Resources and Information