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Pupil Personnel Services

Pupil Personnel Services works with school staffs, students, parents, and community members in the identification and prevention of problems that adversely impact educational successes.

Pupil Personnel Workers (PPWs) recognize that behaviors, such as absenteeism, disruption, and disrespect prevent students from achieving at their maximum academic potential. PPWs also serve to ensure equity and consistent implementation of student related laws, regulations, school policies, and procedures resulting in a safe, nurturing and academically stimulating environment. PPWs ensure that these policies, structures and resources support the school system’s mission, beliefs, and goals.

Academic Success

What we do to ensure academic success:

  • Provide individual and family consultation for students with chronic attendance/discipline problems.
  • Conduct attendance hearings.
  • Petition cases to District Court when families violate the Compulsory Education Law.
  • Conduct home visits to promote family involvement.
  • Act as student/family advocates with the school system and community agencies.
  • Respond to emergency welfare situations for students and families.
  • Counsel/conference with individuals and groups.
  • Provide crisis support for schools.
  • Facilitate student placements in alternative education programs.
  • Coordinate home and hospital teaching for qualified students.
  • Monitor/supervise home schooling cases.
  • Serve as members of the school problem-solving teams.
  • Assist in Federal Law 504 implementation.
  • Actively participate in Individual Education Program committee meetings.
  • Case manage homeless students.
  • Provide tutorial services for homeless student’s.
  • Arrange transportation services for homeless students.
  • Conduct training workshops on the educational rights of homeless students.
  • Perform other administrative duties as needed on behalf of students.

Administrative Functions

  • Interpret student related school policies, county policies, and procedures.
  • Conduct training for staff members on Child Abuse and Neglect.
  • Collect data to determine bona fide residency.
  • Facilitate multiple family enrollments.
  • Resolve custody/guardianship issues.
  • Facilitate foster placement.
  • Determine enrollment eligibility of hardship cases through Informal Kinship Care or Rights and Responsibilities for Caregiver Status.
  • Monitor attendance and participate in enforcing the compulsory attendance law.

Family Services

  • Assist families in obtaining adequate clothing, school supplies, medical services and other life necessities.
  • Participate on school crisis and counseling teams and provide access to family services or resources necessary for interventions to be successful.
  • Secure funds and medical resources for emergency medical, dental, vision and hearing, and prescription assistance.
  • Ensure that many families in need receive food and clothing packages at holiday time.
  • Coordinate the Connection Center which provides support for families in need by community agencies.

Code of Ethics

Pupil Personnel Workers fulfill professional responsibilities with honesty and integrity. They respect the privacy of the people they serve and support and protect the civil and human rights of all individuals.

For further information contact the Office of Pupil Personnel Services at 410-313-6747 or email Abigail Shearer.